Donate to the Clothing Bank!

Why do we donate to a charity like the Clothing Bank?

For us, this felt like the final step to complete the circle. Every day I feel extremely lucky that I have been able to turn my passion for vintage clothing into my job and am showered with the most beautiful items. That I can wear something new every day and make people happy with a new outfit.

Unfortunately, I sometimes don't think enough about the fact that this is not the most normal thing in the world for everyone. Poverty is invisible but all around us. Everyone deserves that feeling of feeling beautiful in your outfit. That feeling that is so magical and that I wish for everyone.

With a warm heart, I donate a portion of each new collection to the Clothing Bank Eindhoven and hope to contribute to making fashion accessible to everyone.

Do you also have items that you have given a lot of chances to, but which still end up at the back of the closet? Are these items that are still in good condition but that you are simply tired of? The Clothing Bank is a particularly nice place to hand in your lovingly worn clothing. People come here who are currently in a difficult situation, as a result of which they and their families no longer have any money left to buy new clothes. They can go to the clothing bank to purchase a necessary outfit for every season.

Inspired or want to read more? Then visit the Clothing Bank website.