About us

Welcome to Eeden Conceptstore - Where we let you experience the style and high quality of vintage fashion!

Who are we?

Let me tell you first and who you see in the first photo: my name is Evy van den Eeden (right), and together with my sister Tessa van den Eeden (left) I started the Eeden adventure five years ago. Our shared passion for fashion has brought us to where we are today. While my sister Tessa runs her own Eeden studio on the first floor of our building, I proudly manage my own Eeden store on the ground floor. In the store I put together a weekly collection with items that I personally love. Every Monday I go shopping with enthusiasm and only select the pieces that I spontaneously fall in love with. I also put together sets and color combinations to help you with your shopping and to provide inspiration for creating fun, innovative looks.

How it started

As a child I was always busy making outfits.
I was already choosing the night before
what I was going to wear the day after and I always wanted to put together a creative outfit.

Whether I felt comfortable in my outfit determined my mood for the entire day. If I had made the wrong choice afterwards, despite thoroughly planning my outfit, I would have been willing to skip school for an hour to change my outfit. Haha, I really don't enjoy it if my outfit doesn't match my mood.

I became familiar with Vintage Fashion when I went to a Vintage Kilo Sale event for the first time with my sister. This is where my love for Vintage fashion all started. I came home with items that I had never seen before and I felt that with these items I was finally able to express myself in a way I had never been able to do before. I felt wonderful in my outfit, beautiful and unique.

I didn't want anything else anymore and so I started scouring the Vintage Kilo Sales every week in search of hidden gems.

I drove all over town and country and regularly went abroad to look across borders for vintage pearls.

My friends were not very enthusiastic about these sales, it was far too chaotic and too much work for them to look for clothes in those mountains. They were in love with the items I found. They also wanted to walk around in these beautiful items, but they didn't have the eye or energy for it.

I decided to go vintage shopping for them and so began my mission to share my found pearls with others. More and more people asked me to go shopping for them and that's how the ball started rolling. First in the form of a webshop and soon we got the unique opportunity to take over a storefront in the nicest street in Eindhoven, namely the Bergstraat!

Today I still live this dream!

Today I go shopping every week and go on a vintage hunt for you!
In my store I like to share these special finds with you and I ensure that you do not have to work up a sweat at these vintage sales, but can enjoy my well-organized collection with only real vintage pearls.

I discovered that it is even more fun to share these perfect pieces with you and let you experience what vintage fashion can do to you! Happy faces and customers who say they have so much fun with their items give me the biggest smile on my face. It now feels like a challenge to positively surprise you again and again with my collection.

Our collection

At Eeden Conceptstore you will find trendy high-quality vintage pieces.
Quality and style are central to our selection, so no discarded second-hand pieces, no special one-of-a-kind items that come from a time when time and attention was still paid to items and they were intended to last a lifetime. to go. These pieces are becoming scarce and there will come a time when we may never encounter them again. We want you to experience what the true quality of vintage fashion can do. When you put on our clothes, you should feel beautiful, unique and wonderful.

We understand that not all vintage clothing can be nice and fun. That is why we ensure that you will only experience the highest quality with us. Our items are carefully checked, repaired and washed if necessary, so everything feels like new.

We obtain our items from our regular supplier in Italy. We have weekly purchasing agreements with this. Our collection is put together for you with a lot of research and checking. This way you can shop worry-free and enjoy a pleasant experience with our carefully chosen vintage items.
We also offer a unique jewelry collection that we think fits perfectly with the vintage collection.

Styling advice

At Eeden Conceptstore we invite you to discover your own clothing style.
With appropriate styling advice, we help you create various looks that suit you.

Visit us

We would love it if you came by our boutique at Bergstraat 8a!
In our store we have an even more extensive range than in our webshop.
We are proud to show you our collection and are happy to help you find a nice set.

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