What should I pay attention to when purchasing vintage items?

For many of you it is no secret that Eeden Vintage is a wonderful passion that has gotten out of hand. I have been an enthusiastic lover of vintage fashion for many years. Vintage appealed to me because of the unique pieces that are just that little bit more beautiful than what you find in contemporary fashion. They offer more details, beautiful finishes and breathtaking fabric choices.

When I went on my vintage hunt, I never looked specifically for certain items. The selection of vintage is always surprising and you have to be lucky enough to come across that one special piece. I have always embraced this fact. I just bought what I fell in love with, not what I needed.

Remarkably, I noticed that the vintage items I collected all became items that I enjoyed for a long time. They are timeless, radiate quality and always add a special touch to your outfit. Why is that? Well, I have the answer to that. Vintage fashion comes from a time when clothing was made with care and attention. We are talking about the clothing era of 25 years and older, i.e. the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Clothing at that time had to be of high quality and suitable for various occasions, so that it lasted a long time and you did not have to wear something new for every moment. to buy.

Over time, the value placed on clothing has changed, and consumer desires have shifted toward inexpensive clothing. People want something new and different for every occasion. To meet this changing demand, a major change had to take place in the fashion industry. How do you make clothing as cheap as possible, so that people can buy something new for every occasion? To achieve this, costs had to be reduced.

Savings were made on material costs and labor costs. Cheaper fabrics were chosen and clothing had to be produced quickly. This caused the quality to be lost. About 25 years ago people attached different values ​​to clothing. They were willing to pay more, which meant that good quality fabrics could still be used and that time was taken to expertly assemble garments. This resulted in the good appearance and long lifespan of these vintage items. As more time and value was attached to clothing, more attention was also paid to the design process and finishing. You can recognize vintage pearls by the high-quality fabrics with which they are made, the beautiful fits, the craftsmanship in the sewing and the attention to great finishes and details, such as matching linings and buttons. I thoroughly enjoy these features. After years of searching, I have developed a sharp eye and these qualities immediately stood out to me.

So, in short, what should I pay attention to when purchasing? The most important thing for me is that it just has to be a super cool item that catches my attention. I can't exactly explain this feeling; it just happens.

Then I examine the item thoroughly and it becomes even more interesting if it is made of a beautiful fabric and has striking details. The deciding factor for me to take it with me is that the item shows no damage and is technically in excellent condition.

So, if you're going on a vintage hunt, look for these features. Or just come and visit me and rest assured that all our items meet these high quality standards!

We hope to see you soon and make you happy with our unique items.

With much passion and love,

Eeden Concept Store

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