How do I get the typical vintage smell out of my clothes?

There are countless reasons why vintage clothing is so fantastic. Vintage items are unique; there is only one copy of each piece. That means no one else walks around in the same outfit as you, isn't that great? Furthermore, these items come from a time when high-quality fabrics and materials were used. The result is that you will enjoy these items for a lifetime!

At Eeden Conceptstore I often receive compliments that my vintage items, despite their age, feel like new. How do I do that? I'll tell you.

First, I look for items that have suffered the least. The items I have selected have often been worn with care and have been kept in neat places.

Of course there are also pearls that I fall in love with, which may have been a little more unlucky, but are just as beautiful. To give you that 'like new' feeling, it is important that I remove that 'typical vintage smell' from your clothes. This smell is simply caused by the fact that your item has been lying around for a while among other clothes with that smell. Regardless of whether it is dirty or not, the odor has been absorbed.

To remove this odor, I always first check whether your item is suitable for washing. Many vintage items come from a time when high-quality fabrics and materials were used. An advantage of this is that your items will last a lifetime, but the disadvantage is that they are less easy to wash. That is why it is important to carefully check whether your item is suitable for washing.

Is your item suitable for washing? Perfect! Your items are washed by us, separately from other items, so that the smell cannot transfer. I recommend that you do the same when washing your purchased vintage item yourself. I recommend a hand wash or wool wash program at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees, this is the least harmful.

Is your item not suitable for washing? Don't worry, there are other options to make your item smell wonderful. Items that are not suitable for washing are hung outside for a day to air out. They are then steamed with a delicious Robijn Clothing Spray. This way the wonderful fresh scent is absorbed into the clothes.

Naturally, all items have been carefully selected in advance for damage and discolouration. Items that do not meet our requirements have been filtered out. At Eeden Conceptstore you can trust that your items are clean and intact, or feel like new.

I hope to offer you a carefree shopping experience and experience the fantastic feeling of vintage fashion.

Lots of love,

Eeden Concept Store

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